Did you want know something about this website, called ACXUS (acxus.com)? Well this is the page to be at because here is where I will tell you something about what this site is here for and who I am to be writing it.

My name is Terry, I'm a long-time student of life laws (new thinking) and am quite advanced in my knowledge and application of the more popular of these, the Law of Attraction.

Or as is more correct as those who truly understand this will already be well aware, the primary Law of Vibration is what governs most everything. I know it can be hard to get your head around the idea that everything you can see, hear, touch, taste or smell is 100% composed of energy.

If you like, the law that governs everything should probably be referred to as the Law of Energy and it is from there that everything else comes.

That means all the things you have always believed to be solid matter, including your own body, is not solid at all, but a vibrating mass of energy.

That also means we are all connected because energy is infinite and infinitely connected to itself no matter how widespread it happens to be. And since as far as our comprehension allows us to know, the universe itself is infinite, it follows that energy is infinite.

What Does It All Mean?

Where does that put you and me, in the grand scheme of everything?

Well, that's the tough part. No one really knows for sure of course. If we did, we'd be the closest thing to (what many understand as) God that we could be.

All we can do is work with what we do know and somehow work into that what we believe (but aren't completely sure about yet). That means we are infinite beings with the power of thought that should be able to connect us all, but for some reason we have not figured out how to activate that part of our mental power.

This site is here to allow me to write on this subject while conjecturing, guessing, having wild stabs in the dark even at what the reality or truth really is.

Whatever, it is a fascinating subject for someone like me who is tuned into things that most people ignore. I believe it is referred to by many as being "awake" in a world of mass hypnotic slumber. But that's a subject for a whole article on its own!

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