Body Language Secrets

Body Language Secrets

The secrets of non-verbal communication or what we all know as our human body language signs, postures and poses are well worth getting to know about.

Since they are revealed in this section of the website for your information, this would be a good place to start discovering how to decode and understand what we are saying without speaking!

body languageWe all exhibit certain postures and movements that give away our thoughts, desires and the secrets we try to hide through verbal misdirection, subject changing or outright lies.

At least those secrets are on display to those with the knowledge of how to read them or decode the unspoken communication that our bodies readily convey without us knowing.

Master the Art of How to Decipher Human Body Language

Just like learning a second verbal language in order to communicate with a person from another country, we can all easily learn the subtle posturing and physical signalling that we all display that tells a whole lot about what we're thinking about or desiring.

The signs are basically similar for both men and women, although there are also several distinct differences that go along with that territory.

For example, a man is by nature the instigator of mating and will display certain physical signs and posturing to communicate to a woman his desires.

A woman, on the other hand is, by nature the recipient of a man's attention and since it is in her best interests to be sure that a male is not only suitable as a mate to sire her children, but is also worthy of a long term commitment to help raise those children while being dependable and non-violent.

For all that, the woman has the harder job of decoding the intent of an interested male while trying her best to ensure that he will not hurt her or endanger her children in the future, nor will he skip town at the first chance he gets to sow his wild oats with other women.

How to Notice the Subtle Signs

The best and might I add the only way to notice any kind of body language signals or signs being displayed for your benefit is to look at a person directly.

You need to look at how their body is oriented in relation with you, where their eyes are looking and what gestures they are unconsciously making that will give away what's on their mind.

Without going into great detail here, since this is only meant as an overview and those details will be explained in related articles (listed below), suffice it to say that if a person is oriented with their feet, torso, head and shoulders aimed straight at you, they are showing interest in you and are giving you their attention.

If the eyes are making firm eye-contact with yours, that's reinforcement they are interested in you.

On the other hand, if some part of their body is angled away from you, the interest is only partial and you would need to firm that up by approaching and talking to them. If eye contact is quickly broken and not re-connected, they may have only initially been looking you over and subsequently decided they're not interested after all.

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