How to Get Any Man You Want

How to Get Any Man You Want

Just knowing how to get any man you want can be a powerful piece of knowledge that a surprisingly high number of women simple don't have or know about.

If you're on the side of the fence that is lacking this seemingly vital information, don't worry because reading this article is going to shift you over to the "other side."

By that, I mean you're going to learn just what you need to know to get any guy you want.

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Life can be pretty cruel at times, and one of those unkind cruelties just so happens to be not knowing what you need to know to meet, engage with and maybe start a relationship with a great guy.

There are plenty of women that just don't seem to be attracting men and whatever they do just seems to make things worse, or scare off the one guy that might have seemed interested, at least to begin with.

Yet at the same time, there seem to be a few very clever women who have the look of someone who knows the secret recipe to the best dish in the restaurant and isn't telling a soul. They're the ones who effortlessly attract any guy that takes their fancy!

So let's shift the balance of power from those annoying few girls that seem to be able to attract any and all the best blokes without even knowing how they're doing it and share it with everyone!

What's the Big Secret to Attracting a Man?

get any man you wantIn some ways, the most basic yet best kept secret that keeps so many women from getting a man is a similar one that keeps most guys from getting any woman they want.

It's in projecting an air of neediness without realizing you're doing it.

Just like most women are put off by a needy guy, most guys are also put off by a needy woman. The signals you're sending out are mostly in your body language, which, somewhat surprisingly seems to be one of the few female body language signals men seem even remotely capable of deciphering!

That's right! Most men are completely hopeless at decoding our unspoken signals, even when we go out of our way to make them obvious (at least from where we're sitting). Yet they can spot a needy girl from right across the room (and avoid her)!

Sure, it's not the only secret characteristic that has the effect of repelling guys like a bar with no beer, but it's a biggie!

The Confidence Conundrum

Another characteristic that works almost as well as garlic on a vampire at keeping men at bay is lack of confidence, coupled with low self-esteem.

Note: This will keep away the kind of guys you'd want to date, but it also has the adverse effect of attracting the type of guys you want to avoid at all costs. I'm talking about the dreaded narcissist, who preys on shy women with low self esteem because they are easily controlled and manipulated.

At this point, it's worth knowing how to spot a narcissist early on before they get their hooks into you. That's the topic for another article.

Back to the plot. A decent guy will be attracted to a confident woman who is herself and doesn't come across as trying too hard and being false. It doesn't mean you have to be an out-and-out dominatrix or wield a super power in narcissism yourself, but just being normally confident in yourself and having a good self-esteem is certainly attractive to the kind of man you'd want to attract.

Sense of Humour

While we're on the subject of confidence, a man will find it hard to resist a woman with a great sense of humour that not only says funny things herself, but also who laughs at his jokes (as long as they're not dreadful ones).

When a man and a woman share a common sense of humour, they will gravitate toward each other naturally and find they don't even have to try to attract each other. If you've ever been in this situation yourself and found it so easy to spend time with a guy who made you laugh while you made him laugh, you'll know how amazing that can be!

Body Language Tricks

Now for the side of things that get a little tricky for some women. I'm talking about your body language!

How you hold yourself, your gestures and posture as well as those little flirty movements all combine to create a force that will either attract or repel a man, depending on how they're enacted and how they're perceived. Your goal is to attract, obviously!

Here are some simple tips that you might already know about or you might not:

1. Eye contact

This is a critical part of body language that works for both men and women. Eye contact when done right can melt a man's heart and having him eating out of your hand!

To signal to a guy across a room that you're interested, you're going to have to look right at him. If you don't do that, he won't approach you because he will think you're not interested in him.

So let him know he's welcome to come over and say hi by looking him in the eye and flashing him a nice smile. Even the most body-language-blind guy can understand that signal and once you have him close, you can talk and take it from there.

2. Work with your friends

If you're with a group of girl friends, be sure to work with them to make sure you don't shut out any prospective single guys that you want to meet.

What often happens when you're out in a public place with friends is you'll all be talking to each other in a kind of unbroken circle, all facing each other. That puts your backs to the world outside your circle and shuts out any interested guys.

Instead of creating a physical barrier, make sure you keep the circle open and take time to look around you. Take breaks to go to the bathroom or to the bar so you can look around to see who's there and give guys a chance to make eye contact with you and smile, initiating first contact.

As long as you stay relaxed but keep an air of confidence about you by keeping your body straight and not slouching, even bouncing a little when you walk, you'll attract glances from interested guys!

3. Have Fun

Another thing that men find attractive in a woman is when she appears to be having fun, laughing and smiling.

If you're with a group of friends, keep the topic of conversation light and have a good giggle. The guys will take notice and will be waiting for the chance to make a connection. That's when you put the above strategy into play by breaking away from the group for a short while to give a guy a chance to say hi.

Remember also, that most often, a decent guy will find a group of women a bit daunting and may not want to butt into a girl-only gathering, especially when you're all having such a great time. By breaking the circle to, say, visit the bathroom, gives a guy that opening to make a move.

Learn Powerful Secrets

Some of the best secrets to attracting the right guy can be found in places where you have to work a little harder to get at them.

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Getting together with a really nice guy who will make you laugh and treat you like a lady while also being strong and confident enough to protect you and physically attractive enough if you want to take things further is a daunting prospect for many single women.

Yet finding and meeting such a man is very possible when you're out there anyway and just need a little additional push in the form of knowing what to do and how to do it.

I hope you have enjoyed this article that I've created to give you some ideas and maybe even some good pointers as to what to do next time you're in a situation where you might just meet the man of your dreams.

I wish you well and hope you find what you're looking for.

Posted: July 10, 2023