What are the 3 Laws of Attraction?

For those that may not have fully grasped the principle, there are actually three Laws of Attraction that makeup its principles and concepts and this is what they are.

In our natural physical world, certain laws work regardless of your belief in them, such as the law of gravity which doesn't rely on your beliefs to be present and active at all times.

Like gravity and the other laws of physical physics, the Laws of Attraction do not require you to believe that they will work, or whether you are skeptical or not.

You'll be amazed at what happens when you apply The Laws of Attraction into your life.

There are many principles that can be extrapolated from these three laws, such as like attracts like.

There are simple life coaching tips and steps you can follow to help you apply these laws to your daily life to get the results you desire. Although it sounds quite magical, you will soon be able to see how it works.

The Laws of Attraction are based more on physics than many realize.

These are the Three Laws of Attraction

1. Like Attracts Like

3 laws of attractionPeople often say that opposites attract. Although it can be true, magnets can attract opposite polarities. But more often than not, people say that like attracts.

If we are tall, we are more likely have tall friends. We also tend to marry people who have similar socio-economic backgrounds, and the same vocabulary.

What it really means, however, is that our thoughts attract results. This is simply because of what we believe and think, it leads to the things we do. The results of our actions are then what we have in life.

Negative thinking and little action can lead to negative outcomes.

Given your negative association with money, it is unlikely that you will take financial action to increase your financial success.

Money Attraction

You wouldn't want to be evil, after all. You'll most likely lose it if you attract money easily.

Eliminating negative beliefs is the first step in attracting wealth. The next step is replacing negative beliefs with positive beliefs. Next, take steps to make your new positive belief a reality by taking action and putting it into practice.

One example is that you could open a savings bank account and deposit $100 each week while boasting, "I am effortlessly growing my wealth." It's important to remember money is not evil or good. Money can be used to bring good to the world.

You can use a tool to build a home or to clock someone. You should not blame the tool.

I have already discussed a critical corollary: The present is always perfect (and you can also perfect the present).

You can make yourself more attractive by getting rid of any things that could make you look less attractive. This is obvious at the surface. No one will want to kiss someone if they have bad breath or cold sores.

Deeper Level

But it works on a deeper, more fundamental level. You'll feel needy if your emotional needs are not met. We all feel neediness instinctively and try to avoid it.

"If You don't want it, you're more likely to get it."

All forms of neediness are inherently repellent. This is the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like.

This is why you will have more debt and more savings. Also, it is easier to get a job if your current job is not required.

Because emotional satisfaction is so important to attraction, it's curious that very few people know their top four needs. While we are wrongly expecting our loved ones and romantic partners to figure out our needs intuitively, This quiz is free and can be used to identify your personal needs in under twenty minutes.

You can satisfy your emotional and private needs with the Laws of Attraction.

2. Nature Hates Vacuums

The second Law of Attraction, based on thermodynamics laws, is that a vacuum is a totally alien environment to nature. It is impossible for atoms to fill a space completely empty because they bounce around constantly.

Practically speaking, you know how it works when you empty your junk drawer to find it full of stuff just a few days later.

Whether you intend it or not, that now empty drawer is an asset just waiting to be refilled. Without thinking, you will start putting stuff in there on autopilot and before you know it, the drawer is full again and nature is happy!

Tidying can make your life easier and it is true. You can easily attract new things by creating space in your life, as long as you don't absent-mindedly refill the space with more junk. Check out these posts for more information on clearing clutter.

3. The Present Is Always Perfect

It seems that as much as we want it to be, the present is not perfect from our perspective.

Why is this so?

Well, you could say that there are always wars on the planet, death and destruction are destroying our ecological infrastructure, poverty is everywhere and children are starving. Oh, and there are always tons of junk emails clogging up your inbox.

You don't like your job, or your boss. There are too many bills to pay and not enough paycheck to pay them. Life gets you down.

Oh dear!

It's hard to see how good things can be. It's very difficult to see the big picture in the moment. That is why I love the Parable of the Chinese Farmer.

You can activate the third Law of Attraction by making your current reality as perfect and beautiful as possible.

Let's suppose you hate your job and don't like going to work. Instead of complaining about the boss or your work, picture how much better your life would be if you lined up a new job (do that first - very important) and quit your current job.

Imagine how much more freedom you'd have working a job that paid better and was more fun to do. That job is out there for you. It just needs to connect to you by you connecting to it.

New Skills

It might be learning a new skill or managing a boss who makes it difficult. Volunteering to do work that's more exciting while you continue to work.

Once you get the situation mastered, you will be able to attract the ideal job. You attract like-minded people! You can get the perfect job by perfecting the one you already have.

However, this doesn't mean you should not contact head-hunters and post your resume. It's possible to look for work but also make improvements in your current situation.

An employee who is happy at work will be more attractive to potential employers as well as more likely be promoted within their company. Instead of complaining about your job to colleagues or friends, speak about the job you desire, the one you would like to be hired.

This is just one example of how you could implement the Law of Attraction to manifest money into your life. Here's a life coaching assignment for you to use the Law of Attraction to improve your life.

A Life Example

Perfect one aspect of your week. You don't have to clean it, you need to make it perfect.

You don't want to throw out the old clothes and then put them all back in your closet. So that your clothes hang properly, make sure to buy matching high-quality hangers.

Sew all missing buttons and repair any ripped hems. Polish your shoes and send the heels that are worn to the repair shop.

Donate any clothes you don't use in a year, or anything you will never wear again. Sort your items by color or category.

You will need the right storage solutions for your shoes and belts. The "California Closet" system can be used as your model.

California Closet

One of my personal development clients went out of her way to have her closets professionally designed. She was amazed at how simple it was to get dressed each day.

Using her closet became a daily pleasure. You will feel energized just as she does when your closet is open in the morning.

Choose one area of your life to focus on this week. You will feel amazing when you master it!

All aspects of your life can be improved in so many ways when you harness these simple yet effective laws. You can choose one thing right now and start.