Personal Development

There are a number of ways to create a state of personal development in all areas of life to bring improvements in health, wealth and relationships as desired.

However, those looking to find their answers in the environment around them or by promoting a competitive nature to "get one over" other people will not find them as readily as they may believe. A person can only be truly developed from within.

From the Inside Out

personal developmentIn truth, it is only from the depths of your own inner being that the process of development of the self arises. This makes sense, since the personality, drive and self-esteem can only be advanced from a person's own essence.

Despite this sensible approach, many still believe that their fortune and prosperity can only be made on the outside. They see the building of businesses from small start ups to huge corporations by sweeping aside all competition as the only way to great wealth.

Unfortunately, as so commonly occurs, the few that do achieve great wealth in this way, suffer the consequences of ruined relationships with the most important people (their families) and impacted health brought about by stress and lack of attention to their own wellbeing.

Conquering the Mind

In the very beginnings of the journey to self improvement, the starting place is in gaining understanding of the mind and the realization of how it is responsible for everything that happens in your life.

However, just "knowing" how this works is not enough to cause anything to change in your circumstances. It takes some time through learning and practicing mental skills that change can be affected.

During that time of learning, you can start to make inroads into the conquest of your own mind and its mental faculties through constant practise and targeted use. The most potent tool in your armory is meditation and how it is used to gain access to the inner power each and every one of us possesses.


It is by shutting out the noise and irrelevance of the outside world and journeying deep within the fascinating world of the inner mind that the solutions to your own personal needs will be found. Meditation is the vehicle that will take you there.

Meditating is the practise of quieting the conscious mind and allowing the ensuing mental stillness to become the receptacle for ideas the internal intelligence will provide you with. It cannot be forced. It must simply be "allowed" to happen.

In this state, the consciousness is allowed to rest and effectively move out of the way to allow the subconscious part of the mind to take over. It is widely speculated that the subconscious is our connection to what is referred to as "Infinite Intelligence" which is literally speaking the culmination of all knowledge and understanding in the universe.

The above reference is given some credence by the supposition that as we are all made up of energy and all energy is connected, we are likewise all connected to each other and to all the intelligences in the universe. Some will take that a step further and claim that we are connected with everything that exists not only in our own universe, but in the theoretical "Multiverse" which is all dimensions connected together.

Down to Earth

I'll stop there, as that's a very deep rabbit hole to go down and one that has baffled many minds that try to fathom the mechanics of such theories and suppositions.

Back to our own reality. Whether you can grasp the rationality of how meditation works to help us to develop and improve from the inside out or not, just by accepting the great possibility that it really does work is all you need to do for now.

As this is such a vast subject with many aspects that all lead to the creation of life improvements, I'll cut this article short here and provide you with a growing collection of related articles that I'm writing and publishing on this website as I go. The titles are below: