Personal Development Plan for a Work / Life Balance

Here is a helpful personal development plan for work, life and balance that you can take on board and run with to help you make vast improvements in your life.

A plan that can help by re-framing your focus onto attaining higher energy levels while at work or on tasks that you enjoy doing in your leisure time.

The result can be clearer vision, better cognitive focus and definiteness on knowing what you really want and why you really want it.

Take a look at the graphic below:

infographic 3 goals

Identifying What's Wrong

A big part of getting things right is identifying what is wrong with the way you are leading your life and putting these things right.

If you're not enjoying the success you believe you deserve in a particular area of your life, you can investigate that area. This will help you to see what you might be doing wrong, or not doing at all that needs to be done.

If a task is taking too long to complete, look more closely at how you are approaching and performing it to see if there are any aspects of it that you may be doing wrong or missing out on certain steps. Many uncompleted tasks get that way because something was missed or done incorrectly that impacted the rest of the process down the line.

Identify what went wrong and go back to that step and fix it. Then the rest of the process will flow more smoothly allowing you to complete the task successfully.

A Rewarding Experience

An average day's work should not only run smoothly but also be rewarding to you in some way or another.

It is not enough just to work on a set of tasks, completing them well enough to comply with success criteria and then pack up and go home for the day. If the work you are doing is not giving you some form of rewarding feeling or providing a pleasurable outcome, perhaps you need to re-evaluate what you want from your job.

While many people labour on in jobs they actually don't like doing for whatever reasons, there are many people doing work that could be more rewarding if only they looked for what is good in the work and how it could make you feel good when it is completed to a high standard.

Receiving praise for a completed task that was well done from a person in charge or higher up the in the pecking order of the firm can make a huge difference in how a person performs their allotted tasks each day. Praise is a powerful motivator for people engaged in work of most kinds, spurring them on to perform as well of better next time.

Leading a Balanced Life

When you are feeling happy and content with what you're doing in life, chances are you are enjoying a nice balance.

It can be that you're spending the right amount of your time at work and at leisure and feel happy with how your time is divided between the two. When developing yourself personally, it's a good strategy to be turning your weaknesses into strengths.

This can be achieved by developing a personal plan for growth that will motivate you to adhere to it and make any modifications that become necessary over time to keep it on track.

The task can be made more comfortably doable by reinforcing your mental state with positive affirmations, meditation and even resorting to performing the ho'oponopono mantra that really helps to clean the mind and bring greater mental clarity.


A person with a plan that they not only adhere to but work at consistently and continuously will become unstoppable in their pursuit of the goal they have set.

If the plan is found to have errors along the way, the logical solution would be to try to fix the errors as they become manifest. However, this may result in slowing down or even stalling the momentum that has already been established by its inception and progress.

At times, it can be better to incorporate the genius brain to restructure the plan from the first point of failure so that it leads to success. That way you can continue unhindered by the possibility of developing analysis paralysis in trying to fix something that may not be easily or rapidly repairable.

When a plan works and success is experienced, there can be little more satisfying in life!

Posted: June 1, 2024