Theta Wave Genius Brain

Shockingly, we are not using our full brain power. But NASA discovered that theta waves were the key to unlocking the genius brain that we all possess.

In this article I look at the reasons why we're mentally operating at sub-genius level unnecessarily and what can be done to boost our brain power to levels previously unheard of!

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The Surprising Truth

unlock the genius brainIt transpires that during studies into the possibilities that human intelligence can achieve, a piece of the puzzle was missing.

NASA wanted to know what determined the mental capacity of future rocket scientists and what could be done to enhance this. They found out!

It seems that as young children, we all operate at genius level as long as our brains are fully functional and we are not afflicted with any kind of restrictive development. We all begin life with the creative ability to solve the toughest problems.

Yet as we grow older, that high-level of intelligence seems to evaporate.

Fortunately, what was discovered was that in order to reclaim the genius level of mental ability, our brains need to be operating at the theta wave frequency.

The Genius Wave

To facilitate this enormous rise in intelligent brain function, a powerful, yet relatively simple product has been released called ″the Genius Wave.″

To use it, all you need to do is put on headphones and listen to the specially recorded audio for as little as seven seconds per day.

Yes, that is not a typo. SEVEN SECONDS PER DAY is all it takes!

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How to Promote Good Brain Health

The brain is an incredibly complex, miraculous, magnificent work of creation that responds positively to being treated as such.

Its health is something we should be acutely aware of maintaining at its best and we can do that by making sure we treat it correctly. The first place to start is by making sure it is nurtured and fuelled by the right kinds of nourishment.

What we eat and drink not only affects the health of our bodies as a whole, it also affects our brain's health. Feed it the right kinds of things and it will respond favourably. Feed it the wrong things and it will deteriorate.

What to Avoid Feeding the Brain

Feeding the brain the wrong things can have a detrimental affect on its health and how it works.

Anything that causes inflammation in the body you can be fairly certain will also create inflammation in the brain. Inflammation reduces the brain's capacity to work at its best, while creating on-going long term problems that can lead to the symptoms of dementia in the future.

One of the leading diet ingredients that causes inflammation is the family of seed oils. That's the ″vegetable oils″ (sunflower, canola, corn, soybean, safflower, palm etc) with which so many people cook or fry, while processed food manufacturers infuse their products with these and hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats).

The next most destructive compound for the brain is sugar! While the brain does run primarily on glucose, it can also run even more efficiently on the body's own fuel source, ketone bodies.

Unfortunately, we don't just feed our bodies with pure glucose. If we did and in the correct amounts, we would not have so many health problems.

However, we force the body to derive most of its supply of diet-derived glucose from breaking down excessively high levels of sucrose (which is 50% glucose and 50% fructose). Sucrose is found in most processed foods.

The high levels of fructose (that can only be processed in the liver) is a major cause of inflammation in the body including the brain. To reduce manufacturing costs, many processed food makers substitute sucrose with the much sweeter high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) which is pure fructose and damaging to the body and brain.

If you really want to maintain good brain health, you should avoid consuming any foods or drinks that contain seed oils and fructose, while keeping refined carbohydrate-rich foods (eg. bread, pasta, cookies, crackers, pastries, cakes etc) to a minimum.

What to Feed the Brain

A healthy brain can be promoted by eating a sensible diet of healthy, whole foods just as nature intended us to do.

A good rule of thumb is to treat food as a life-giving force. Food that is therefore alive will transfer that life into your body. Food that is ″dead″ will not give you anything.

Live food is that which has been most recently harvested and put on your plate. It can truly be called ″food″ as it provides nourishment and life for our bodies.

Dead food is anything that has been artificially processed to no longer resemble the original food (all processed food products lie in this category). This cannot be truly be referred to as ″food″ because it doesn't feed our bodies with anything useful to us.

Watch out for certain crops that have been heavily sprayed with chemicals (pesticides, herbicides and fungicides), especially any genetically modified organisms (GMO) crops that will have been sprayed with a toxic chemical called glysophate. This heinous poison is a powerful antibiotic as well as being an effective herbicide, so it not only kills weeds but also kills the good bacteria that lives in the soil.

Glyphosate also kills our own friendly bacteria that live in our gut microbiome when it gets into our bodies through what we ingest. The health of the gut microbiome is closely linked to brain health, so what is bad for the gut is also bad for the brain on many levels.

So opt for whole foods that come from organic sources to avoid the majority of dangerous chemicals that are harmful. Organic produce has become much more widely available in recent years, so take fell advantage and buy organic, locally produced foods wherever possible.

What is even better is if you can grow some of your own crops in a backyard or even in containers on a sunny balcony. You get to control what goes only your own plants, which should essentially be nothing (except water and some natural fertilizer).

The same goes for animal products. If you can source them from local organic farms, all the better.

Disclaimer: While I am not a medical professional, I am sufficiently intelligent to have done my own due diligence and extensive research into the positive and negative effects of certain nutrients and anti-nutrients in the food we consume. I do not foolishly believe everything the mainstream media tells me, but question what I'm told while doing my own investigations into the information I choose to accept or reject. As bad information will directly affect your health, you should question and investigate everything too.

What Else is Good for the Brain?

There are a number of simple yet effective things everyone can do to improve the brain's health in addition to minding what you allow into your body through diet.

Taking regular exercise not only improves the body's general fitness levels, it has a knock-on positive effect on the brain. It does this by providing greater levels of oxygen throughout the body via the bloodstream.

Maintaining a strong immune system by ensuring there are no vitamin or mineral deficiencies also helps to keep the brain healthy. The immune system is there to keep infections and illnesses at bay so the whole body stays strong and vital.

Much research has been performed into how promoting a positive mindset is good for the brain's physical health. The findings agree that a positive, happy outlook raises the whole body's health at the cellular level.

Keeping chronic stress to a minimum is also good for the brain's health. Chronic stress is another cause of inflammation so by reducing things that cause stress, we reduce damaging inflammatory effects on the brain.


Keeping our most important organ in the best state of health that we can is a goal we should all aspire to achieve.

After all, our bodies, as miraculous as they are can only do what the brain tells them to do. A malfunctioning brain will lead to bodily malfunction which in turn will lead to ill-health and all manner of physical problems.

Therefore, it is up to each and every one of us to do whatever we can to keep our brains healthy just to maintain a good level of overall wellness and that includes doing whatever it takes to promote mental healing through meditation as well as increasing mental capacity through good brain health.

In addition to keeping us at our best physically, we can work with our brains to go beyond their standard functioning level to attain greater mental feats of creativity and problem solving. We can do that by harnessing the very frequencies that are present when the brain is working at its most creative which are the theta waves emitted when we are deeply asleep.

Posted: April 22, 2024