How to Attain Ho'oponopono Certification for Practitioners

One important leg of your journey to self improvement should include training in the art of Hawaiian prayer called Ho'oponopono.

As a practitioner, you can take that coaching to a higher level by sharing your knowledge and expertise with others.

First of all, you need to learn what this technique is and how to apply it to your life before you can extend that knowledge in the classroom.

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What is Holding You Back?

A lot of people are making do with a mundane, average or normal life because that's all they are able to manifest with the limiting beliefs and social constraints placed upon them. Is this you too?

ho'oponopono certificationYou know there can be a better life out there just waiting for you to take control of your circumstances and step up to the next level. You can see other people enjoying a better standard of living with no visible way they're any better at anything than you are.

What are these invisible chains holding you back and preventing you from expanding, growing and enjoying better things, like others?

How can you discover what is standing in your way to becoming a better version of yourself? What will reveal the things that are keeping you from having a better life and enjoying success and happiness like those other lucky people seem to do?

I can tell you one very powerful way you can reveal the limiting factors holding you where you are and clear the way for you to progress, grow and prosper.

In a word: Ho'oponopono!

Let's look at what this potent, life changing understanding is and what it can do for you.

What is Ho'oponopono?

As already mentioned in the introduction to this article, it is a form of Hawaiian prayer used to mentally heal a person.

In essence, ho'oponopono is a technique that you can learn to use to clean your mind of the emotional baggage associated with past transgressions in your life. These can be clogging your mental processes up, limiting your ability to grow and move forward, while causing you to experience negative emotions such as guilt, fear and shame.

It is enabled through repeating a simple four-part mantra that is simply:

The first two are essentially asking for forgiveness of yourself and forgiving whatever actions or circumstances occurred in your life that created the problem. The last two combine love and gratitude to generate an emotional, heart-felt bond within yourself that acts to resolve the emotionally rooted cause and free you from its bonds.

By cleaning the emotional mind in this way, the process removes the limiting paradigms that are holding you back. This enables you to grow spiritually and emotionally though your own efforts to develop your personal self.

How to Learn and Use Ho'oponopono?

The best way to learn this process is from a skilled teacher in one to one coaching sessions. However, this is also the most expensive route to take, as an experienced practitioner's time is valuable.

A more economical route would be to attend classes provided by a teacher. However, this would mean allocating the time to attend along with travelling to and from the class and may not be suitable for everyone, especially those leading busy lifestyles.

A third method is to obtain a video and text based tuition course produced by an expert teacher and follow the course in your own time at home. This is the most economical solution as well as being most convenient as you can study at your own leisure and go as slowly or as quickly as your time and circumstances would allow.

Ho'oponopono Practitioner Certification Course Online

It just so happens that I know of a particularly good online ho'oponopono certification course produced by one of the best known experts on personal development, Dr Joe Vitale (featured in the movie and book, "the Secret").

The beauty of this course is that not only will your learn all about this powerful Hawaiian prayer technique and how to use it for yourself, you will also learn how to teach it to others.

Through your own study and eventual passing of a final exam, you can become professionally certified as a ho'oponopono practitioner with the seal of approval from a globally recognized professional body: The Global Sciences Foundation.

The course is available to buy online at a one-time discounted price that you can take advantage of by clicking the promotional image below:

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ho'oponopono certification course review

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This will take you to the official product page where you can make a secure online purchase at the discounted price. You can download all the material to your computer and work through the course in your own time. Full instructions are provided on the product page.

Enjoy the course and benefit from its powerful secrets on a personal level through its teachings, as well as profit from it by taking it out into the world to teach to others. You can do it!