Prosperity and Abundance Manifestation

In this article I will explore the secrets of prosperity and abundance manifestation and reveal them to you in ways that are easy to understand and implement.

There are a number of myths surrounding a person's ability to manifest their desires, whatever they may be.

Most of them are centered around people's natural caution when faced with concepts that are outside their day to day reality and the very idea of manifesting anything out of nothing appears at first glance to be nothing but pure fantasy.

However, the actual reality we exist in tends to be way stranger than most people imagine. Our ability to do things outside of the norm is a lot more real than many people believe.

What Enables Us to Manifest

how to manifestManifestation can be achieved by anyone who knows how to put their mind to it, because our minds control everything we do.

It's not magic, but a conceptualized process that we can follow to bring about the actualization of a desired thing. It happens by law, although not many people seem to accept the concept that it might actually be possible to manifest money using the law of attraction.

If you are interested to know more but are maybe not quite on board with this concept yet, I'll explain how it works and you can accept or reject as you wish (because you are in control of your mind and you have that freedom of choice).

The first step in the process of the manifestation of prosperity, wealth and abundance in a person's life is to get over the belief that to do so is nothing more than a magic trick.

All is Energy

We live in a universe that is completely made out of energy and everything we can sense with our limited faculties is an interpretation of the various forms of energy that coalesce to form what we consider to be solid matter.

The truth is that what appears to be solid matter is really a mass of energy in constant motion. If you looked at a rock under a powerful electron microscope, you'd see it was a mass of movement, not solid at all!

Since everything is energy, including what we see as light, hear as sound and pick up on our radios as radio waves, it is not much of a stretch to consider our very thoughts to also be energy that is actually measurable with modern equipment. Now consider this:

Since our thoughts are energy and the consciousness that creates those thoughts is also energy, it makes sense that since we are able to control our thoughts, we should also be able to control how those thoughts affect other energy forms.

Since our desires are also energy, we should also be capable of making those desires become our reality through our consciousness.

Well, we can!

This is "how you manifest as a beginner" to the concept of bringing money, wealth and prosperity into your life using the power of thought, intent and finally, physical action.

How to Manifest Prosperity and Abundance

If your goal is to attract the money you want along with the wealth, prosperity and abundance of it, you need to first be specific about exactly what it is that you want.

Just wishing for "a lot of money" won't do very much. That's because to impress your consciousness on the energy of the universe and have it deliver on your demands, you have to tell it exactly how much "a lot" is.

The thought or desire is the beginning of manifestation, but it is not the body and conclusion of it.

Once we have the desire, we need to then express that desire in definite terms. Be specific and write it down on paper in the present tense, showing your gratitude for its receipt. Here's an example:

"I am so happy and grateful now that I have received $10,000."

That's probably the simplest way to express a desire in exact terms. In Napoleon Hill's book, "Think and Grow Rich," he tells the reader to be even more specific, by not only quoting the exact amount you want to receive, but also the date you want to have received it by and what you will do to make it happen.

By writing it down on a piece of card and carrying around with you, reading it as often as you can, you start to change your mindset into one of attracting your desire. The fact of writing it down creates an energy in itself that connects the desire to you personally.

The repetition of reading and re-reading what you wrote imprints it onto your mind, just like learning anything by repetition does. You are literally retraining your mind to attract your desired amount of money!

The power in this simple, yet effective process is not only does it train your mind for success, it also affects your emotional attachment to the desire, creating a greater energy flow that is more likely to hit the mark and attract the like energy of the money you want to manifest.

What to Say when Manifesting Money

What Affirmations Attract Money?

attract prosperityThere are many good affirmations, or mantras that you can learn and repeat to yourself that will solidify your attractive force to bring your desire into reality.

Here are some well documented money manifestation phrases:

There are many more that can be found through research online, but that's a few to get you started. The way to maximize affirmations is to always say them in the present tense and in a positive way. Also, repeat them over and over while getting into the feeling space so you're emotionally involved with what you're saying.

The repetition helps you to reframe cognitive biases that are preventing your personal growth into the kind of paradigms that will help you move forward.

Always affirm the things you want and never the things you don't want.

What Not to Say

Asking for what you don't want is a mistake that many people make. Here are some examples of this (some may surprise you):

You get the idea. However, you might not see what's so wrong with some of the points above. I'll explain them.

It will make sense when you realize that you become what you think about and what you think about, grows.

Wishing you didn't have so many bills is placing the thought in your mind and giving it a lot of power by being emotionally involved with the statement. You're thinking about bills and feeling emotionally charged by how much you don't want them, but the energy you're putting out is "bills" so the universe, which doesn't care whether you want them or not, will give you more of the same.

Wanting to get out of debt will likely keep you in debt until you die!

Why? You're thinking debt.

It doesn't matter if you're thinking to get in or get out. If you're thinking debt, the universe will just keep giving you more of what you're thinking about, and that's debt!

By affirming that you can't afford a thing, you are telling the universe to keep you in a place where you can't afford things.

If you're tired of being broke, the universe will happily comply with your wish and keep you broke!

If you think about your low paycheck, it will stay low.

If you think about how much you hate your job, you could end up staying in that job until you retire!

What must you do to break out of this cycle of negativity, even though you believed it was not?

Turning Negative into Positive

To break free of so many negative thoughts, concepts and ideas it's no good trying to fight them, because the more energy you give them, the stronger they will get.

There is a much simpler and effective way to negate the negative. They way is even hinted at in the Bible, where it says,

"Get thee behind me, Satan."

If you can get out of the literal sense of what's in that book and start looking at the meaning behind the allegories, you'll realize that it is giving you the secrets of life. By telling Satan (the bad or evil one) to get behind you, you're actually being told to turn your back on what you don't want.

What happens when you turn your back on something?

You take your energy off what you're not facing and give it to its polar opposite, or whatever is in front of you. In other words, you face the thing you want, while you back is turned on the thing you don't want!

It's telling you to focus all your attention, intention and energy on what you want and what you want will move toward you while you move toward it. That's how the Law of Attraction works.


In actual fact, the concept of manifestation of prosperity is not nearly as difficult or complicated as most people think.

As long as you can think for yourself (and, surprisingly, we can) and be able to direct your thoughts to what you really want, then keep those thoughts in your mind for as long as possible, you can manifest your desires.

Posted: May 3, 2023