Overcoming Cognitive Biases to Attract Abundance

To achieve true prosperity in life, we need to know how to start overcoming cognitive biases to attract abundance and wealth without limitations or obstacles.

We all possess a good number of self-destructive paradigms that have lurked in our subconscious space for the duration of our lives.

They raise their meddling heads whenever we're faced with an important decision that could make or break us, or when we get the chance to move forward with an innovative idea by filling our heads with all the reasons why we can't do what we are about to do.

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These paradigms are also called cognitive biases and their presence creates a powerful blockade to our personal growth in many areas.

″Know thy enemy and know yourself...″

However, when we know our nemesis by name, we have the opportunity to overcome their power through knowledge, understanding and application.

That's what this article will be discussing as we go forward.

What Are Cognitive Biases?

cognitive biasesTo understand what these biases are, we first need to understand how the mind is structured with regard to consciousness and the unconscious.

It's fair to assume that most of us know what our conscious mind is and what it does. Its job is to provide us with the ability to think, to learn, to make decisions, to imagine, to remember, to concentrate and to create.

The unconscious or subconscious has no decision-making function, but is in fact a complex set of habits or paradigms designed to literally keep us alive and functioning. It's responsible for keeping our heart beating, our lungs breathing and all other bodily functions running smoothly without us needing to consciously intervene in the process.

It is also responsible for preventing us from harming ourselves through dangerous actions and keeping us safe from external threats, while also dealing with internal threats in the form of toxins, viral and bacterial attacks or anything that would harm us.

To be able to do all this, it runs on the programming it received during our early childhood. That programming came from us learning about our external environment from those closest to us, such as our parents, our siblings and later, our school teachers and classmates.

The problem is that not all of that external information we soaked up like a sponge was in our best interests or in many cases even true. Yet we accepted that information during our formative years because our instinctual survival might well have depended upon it.

These programs contain certain paradigms, or cognitive biases that are inhibiting, limiting and even retarding in nature, having been passed on from other people unwittingly and are set in our subconscious programming for life. That is until we recognise them and attempt to override them.

Recognising a Cognitive Bias

You may wonder how it is possible to know one or more of these biases if they're all securely locked away in a part of our mind that we cannot access.

The answer is that we can access the subconscious part of our minds and we can identify unhelpful paradigms and with some work, overcome them. One of the most effective ways is through hypnosis.

In a hypnotic state of deep relaxation, a skilled hypnotherapist can uncover the root cause of certain paradigms that would hold a person back in their quest for success or limit their development in some way.

However, once revealed, such a paradigm then needs to be reframed in a way that renders it no longer effective and is replaced by a positive version that promotes growth, strong decision-making and the ability to attain goals.

Resetting Negative Cognitive Biases

The outcome that people want is to no longer be held back by the negative paradigms that are programmed right into the subconscious.

This can be achieved through extensive re-framing techniques undergone while in a state of hypnosis. Another way is through replacing them with positive affirmations that negate the negative blocks that exist by making use of the law of attraction.

However, there are many people that have tried diligently to use affirmations to move forward and manifest their desires all to no avail. Why does this happen?

Breaking Habits

Anyone that has ever tried to quit smoking will tell you that it is certainly no easy thing to achieve. That's because smoking is a habit and habits can be very difficult to break, especially when they've been reinforced with certain beliefs.

In the example of smoking, the reinforced beliefs come from the advertising media that promotes cigarette and tobacco brands. Not only do they get you hooked by constantly telling people how cool and attractive it is to smoke, they also scare people by making sure the medical profession in on board to tell you that nicotine, one of the chemicals found in tobacco smoke, is addictive.

The truth is that the habit itself is the addictive part, because when a person believes they are addicted to something, they are already pre-disposed to believing that to try to quit would be a horrendous process. The pain and pleasure principle gets to work very obviously here, because it is natural to want to avoid the pain of going through what is perceived as a painful withdrawal from a chemical that is no more addictive than fingernails are to a nail biter!

Since 95% of everything we do each day is done on a subconscious level and since the subconscious is really a series of programs, or paradigms (habits) that have been in there all our lives, it's not much of a stretch to see how it would also be difficult to do something that is in direct conflict with one or more of those paradigms.

This is what happens when we try to do positive affirmations to manifest money, success, abundance and prosperity into our lives. The affirmations do not match with the paradigms and so are rejected.

So how do we break the habits that control us?

Tricking the Subconscious

To form a habit, we must repeat an action over and over. This is evident when learning to play a musical instrument, for example that must be practised repetitively.

To learn a piece on the piano, we must play it over many times so that it becomes lodged in memory so that we can reproduce it at a later time without error. This repetition is what creates a habitual way of doing something so that it becomes learned.

When we were children, before our brains had fully developed, everything that we heard and saw was recorded in memory and formed into the programs that would later help to enable us to grow and develop into adults. Unfortunately, not everything that went in there was for our benefit.

We learned many unhelpful programs from other people that stayed in memory, in most cases buried so deeply that we became unaware of their very existence.

If your parents were constantly discussing their lack of money, or even worse, how poor they always were because of the kids (you) that way of thinking stuck in your mind and as you grew up, became your way of thinking too. If you were constantly exposed to people who said that money was evil and to be rich meant you were a bad person, that's another paradigm that formed on your mind and became your own opinion (even though you didn't actually form it yourself).

The main obstacle to changing these habits is that there is a very determined sentinel posted at the door to your subconscious and it won't let anything pass that isn't completely new or doesn't agree with the programs that are already in there.

To remove such deep-seated paradigms, you need to trick the subconscious into letting you change them. You do that by recording a new program that you do want while its guard is down.

When is the guard down?

When we are drifting off to sleep, that's when!

Hypnotic Suggestion

A skilled hypnotherapist can use hypnosis to place a person into the right state between awake and asleep and then use positive suggestions to make changes to existing paradigms.

This requires repetition to work, so many sessions are often needed to fully reframe the existing limited beliefs into desired abundant ones. It also requires that he hypnotherapist has sufficiently expertise to perform the task successfully.

The other way is to play a pre-recorded message or affirmation to yourself over and over as you go to sleep to have it form a new paradigm in unconscious memory.

The downside to either of these methods is time, cost and expertise.

It is expensive to have multiple sessions with an expert hypnotherapist and it also takes a lot of time. To try to do it yourself and make your own recording is fraught with problems if you are not 100% certain that what you are recording for yourself is correct and will not be misinterpreted by your mind to create an even worse paradigm in place of the bad on that's already there, or even reinforce it, making life even worse for yourself.

Fortunately, there is a solution.

NeuroSwitch Code

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There is no argument that breaking most habits can be a very challenging process and that's the habits you are probably already aware that you have.

However, breaking habits you don't even know about can be the hardest thing. All the more especially because you don't know what they are or how they got there!

Now that you know about their existence, you can do something about them. This article has given you that insight and provided solutions that you can adopt if you wish to break free of limiting paradigms and move forward in life into prosperity, abundance and success!

Last Updated: March 6, 2024