Spirituality: Inner Knowledge of Divine Power

In this article I look at spirituality, inner knowledge of divine power and how it relates to the human experience as we live our lives either in enlightenment or in ignorance.

Our modern society's way of life has all but eliminated our spiritual essence from the way we go about our day to day lifestyles for most of us.

Yet there is a growing number of people who are rediscovering their spiritual essence thanks to greater access to information via the Internet.

What is this thing called spirituality and why should we be interested in learning more about it?

What is Spirituality?

spiritualityThe term itself has undergone a number of changes in its definition since its initial mention in the Christian Bible.

We now tend to express it in terms of our non-physical selves, as in our spirit, soul or consciousness. It is that part of what makes us human and sets apart from the rest of the animal kingdom in our own self-awareness and ability to think and know that we are thinking.

However, the spiritual side of our humanness can be considered the level of consciousness that is deeper than that which we are consciously aware of at any given time during our period of wakefulness. It is where abundance manifestation becomes possible with the right training.

As we go through our day, it is our conscious mind that is busy guiding us through our many tasks from physical activity and work to mental activity in problem solving, reasoning and creativity. Modern life has us focusing most, if not all of our mental faculties on the physical aspect of our environment.

Taught to Ignore Our Essence

How did we get to the point where we routinely ignore our spiritual side or our very essence?

It begins at school, when the teacher is casting a watchful eye on the children in the class. If they catch a child staring our the window, or daydreaming, the child is admonished and warned to ″pay attention″ or face punishment.

This can be argued as being the initial part of a larger human brainwashing program to stop the rank and file from being imaginative and creative, or using our unconscious to create ideas. It's all about getting each new generation ready to blindly accept their fate as workers, doing as they're told for the corporate entity that runs the world.

It can almost be considered a global ″conspiracy″ to maintain the status quo between the few that are in power and the many that are kept down in the lower ranks of humanity. And it appears that it's been happening that way for thousands of years!

When we look back in our historical texts, the entirety of human civilization has operated under a system where the many are controlled by the few.

Religion vs Spirituality

This system of society has largely been achieved through the invention of religion alongside the reigning power of royal bloodlines.

From an early age, we have seemingly always been taught to accept that there is a ruling class to which we must be subservient to. This doctrine has been reinforced by the creation of a religious system where we are all supposed to be humbled by our overlord or god which is an invisible entity that is supposed to exist somewhere up in the sky that we must all have faith in and obey unfalteringly.

How much easier the task of a few religious leaders controlling their large flocks of dumb followers by instilling in them an abject fear that if they don't do as they are told, their immortal souls will go to hell to burn in eternal fires and endure torture for all eternity. Conversely, if they are obedient, humble and have faith, their souls will rise to heaven after their mortal lives are over.

Note: If you are staunchly religious, I should point out that you should not continue reading, as what follows is my own interpretation based on my observation and research. It is unlikely to be in keeping with your beliefs.

Instead of being forced into submission by the armed killing machines that were armies ruled over by powerful kings, all the religious leaders had to do was convince everybody of the existence of an omnipotent, omniscient, omni-present God and they should faithfully fear and obey unequivocally. They achieved their ends so incredibly well that you only have to look through history to see how people have been conditioned to believe what they are told.

To break free of this terrible conditioning, a person really has to take back their power and turn their backs on religious beliefs so that they can truly see religion as it actually is.


Of course it is! The Christian faith is based on a Roman Catholic church that has taken the scriptures laid down thousands of years ago, edited them to suit their own nefarious purposes and tricked us all into reading the Bible. It is a highly revered book that has had much of its original text removed and kept hidden in the Vatican vaults, is mostly inaccurate or in parts, blatantly made up!

How do I know this?

Seriously, I do what any academic or student does. I read, study, research, learn and open my eyes to what is staring me in the face!

Note: If you are angered or offended by my speculative writing, shame on you for ignoring my warning above and continuing to read when I told you not to. If you are still expressing steam through your ears and your face is red, I should point out that I just used a similar trick to fool you into reading something you should not have read that religious leaders used in order to trick the masses into reading their altered, edited and mutilated Bible.

Spiritual Repression

Our spiritual side has be repressed as far as possible by those in power throughout the ages, using whatever tools they had at their disposal to carry out their plans. Aside from abusing psychological tricks to get people to do things they wanted them to, they also used physical means.

By adding fluoride to municipal water supplies, our spiritual centre, the pineal gland in our brain has been calcified and rendered inoperative. By changing the standard tuning for concert musical instruments from A=432Hz to A=440Hz, they altered the vibrational frequency we listen to from being harmonious with our physical makeup to being destructive.

Thanks to the explosion of ownership of the television, big corporations had acquired arguably the most potent tool for brainwashing as many people as possible through advertisements and even the manipulated content of TV shows supposedly created for your entertainment.

Now they've got the Internet and with it, brainwashing tools like TikTok and other short video platforms that rely on you scrolling from short video to short video to be entertained, when in reality you're being further brainwashed and your attention span is being shortened. And they're targeting children, whose brains have not yet matured enough to even see the danger.

To what end has all this tampering and manipulation been done?

The simple answer is to prevent the masses from realising their true spiritual potential, opening their minds and hearts to their inner power and, most importantly, using that power to take power away from the ruling classes.


Yet despite thousands of years of successful dominion over the many, the few that retain power are seeing their stranglehold over us crumbling as more and more people are waking up and realising the truth about what we are and what we are capable of.

The Roman Catholic leaders may have taken much of the truth from the Bible, but they didn't get rid of all of it. We are coming to realise that the Bible was never meant to be a religious text, but instead a manual for life. Much of the age-old wisdom is (unintentionally) left intact and more has become known with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

By using re-translation of the oldest versions of the Bible back into their Hebrew origins and matching the results with what has been discovered in the Scrolls, much of the ancient teachings is being revealed to us. And the powerful elitists were not quick enough to suppress the information before it became publicly known.

It is becoming more widely accepted that we are indeed spiritual beings having a physical experience in these marvellous bodies that we've been given. We are coming to know that we need to live our lives in harmony with the Earth that we live on and Nature that makes up the very essence of the universe.

History Shows Us

Look back in history and you'll see how we used to have this knowledge and how it was systematically taken away from us by those few evil souls that coveted power over the masses. Before we had medicine and medical doctors, we had herbalists and healers.

These healers were feared by the people trying to take power and rule over the people. They were called witches (oh yes, you better believe it) and demonised by religious leaders, sought out and killed.

Today, herbalists, holistic healers and alternative therapists are growing in popularity.

They are at odds with the modern-day power-hungry elitists. We know them as the large corporations, most especially the pharmaceutical industry that is busy making sure that everybody sees a doctor (who has qualified as such though a medical education system governed by the pharmaceutical industry) when they're sick and that they take the drugs prescribed, just as they are told to do by their pharma masters.

After all, we can't have healthy people, because healthy people don't make the pharma industry any money. Pharmaceutical medicines and drugs don't cure anybody of anything, they just mask the symptoms of whatever is ailing them.

They need more sick people to peddle their drugs to. So they make people sick by feeding them highly processed foods loaded with all manner of poisons and making everyone believe that this is the way to eat!

Wake Up People!

Wake up and look at what is being done to you!

See it for what it is and you'll realise that all the time you've been fooled into thinking that those in power have your best interests at heart. They do not!

Governments are supposed to run their country, but who runs those governments? You don't honestly think those idiots that you voted for are actually competent enough to run a country, do you?

Follow the money and you'll see who is really in charge. Then you can awaken from your deep hypnotic slumber that you've been trapped in your whole life and realise your spiritual reality.


You are a spiritual being expressed in a vital, physical body experience.

You have more power between your ears than you give yourself credit for. The human consciousness is a miraculous, infinitely powerful creation that you and I are meant to use to our greatest advantage.

So don't waste it by staying imprisoned by outside forces that trick you into believing your reality is what you're told it is. Take notice of what is going on around you and in this world and put your amazing mental faculties to work to see the truth.

Learn to relax, de-stress, eat healthily, nutritiously and naturally while exercising that body of yours so it doesn't lose its vitality. Take up a discipline like ho'oponopono to clean your mind and remove limiting emotional debris from the past, for clearer inner vision. Also, regularly practice meditation for deeper insight and mental clarity.

Embrace your spiritual essence and elevate yourself to a higher frequency of love, compassion and happiness.

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