Welcome to ACXUS, your personal development resource for information, education and understanding of the natural laws of life that govern every one of us, whether we know it and embrace it or not.

People are fairly predictable in the main, but every so often someone breaks out of the mold, leaves the herd and becomes an individual.

acxusACXUS is about those special people who some say have opened their third eye or awakened spiritually.

This website is here for anyone who feels they don't belong where ever it is they are and are struggling to find themselves.

It's for those that, after perhaps a lifetime of blindness have finally opened their eyes and can see what's really going on in the world and it's not all fluffy, squishy and happy.

I'm here to write down my own thoughts on the subject of awareness at a level that most people are not conscious of. Some are, but we are in a very small minority.

There is nothing miraculous, fantastic, wondrous, religious or occult about any of this.

It's an enlightenment that is very real to those of us with the open eyes to see and the open hearts to investigate, fathom and understand.

What is Enlightenment?

Unlike the kind of religious enlightenment that most people have been schooled in at some level or another, true enlightenment is the realization that our mental awareness and faculties are capable of so much more than we have been lead to believe.

It's the realization that we can sense that not everything we have been taught in life is necessarily true or exactly immutable. We question things that most people accept blindly.

It's also a realization that we can go beyond the limitations imposed upon us by our society in our thinking and creation of ideas that are greater than all the put downs and ridicule that our supposed friends, unenlightened family members and anyone else who thinks we're either being silly or are downright crazy try to make us believe.

Third Eye Open

I know, I know. You probably get plenty of strange looks from people you know the moment you dare to mention anything that sounds like it's "New Age" or "Spiritual" or what most people like to call "Weird."

Go ahead and tell your best friend that you believe that your third eye has opened and watch their reaction. If they're a true friend, they'll try to work with you and understand what you understand.

Lucky you if you have a friend like that because that's what I call a "true" friend.

But don't be too surprised if they look at you with that knowing look that silently speaks volumes:


This process of enlightened realization is sometimes referred to as having been awakened from what was a pseudo-slumber induced by the world around.

That's another tough idea to get your head around at first. However, it soon starts to make a lot of sense.

I'll expand on this and other topics that I've brought up on this welcome page in selected articles on each subject that will endeavor to explain them more fully and in a way that is relatively easy to understand. At least it will be easy for those that are already awake!